Charity Gibson is an extraordinary producer. Her complete understanding of producing and her personal involvement with the film,  "The Great Feckin' Tree" was exceptional from start to finish. Charity's exceptional knowledge of how to produce and bring the crew and casting together in all aspects of filmmaking is award-winning!


Charity's  charming personality on set enlightened and inspired the crew and the actors and actresses. She inspires everyone to reach within themselves and give their best performances because they know that they could count on Charity to produce with outstanding knowledge.


She has high industry standards, great morals, and wonderful work ethics and she takes her job seriously. She is patient, understanding, personable, and is amazingly easy to work with on set. 


Without a doubt, Charity is a top-rated producer with a bright future ahead of her. She will help shape the world of the film industry and be a great asset to all she works with in the entertainment world.

- Sheri Sarras, Parent of Child Actor

Michael LeAngelo Sarras

Charity is such a pleasure to work with. She went above and beyond to ensure everyone was comfortable, everything ran smoothly and always had a smile on her face throughout the production. I hope to have the pleasure of working with her again in the future!

www.SimplyShannonScott.com                                                                                                - Shannon Scott, Actress

"The Great Feckin' Tree" 

I worked closely with Charity on her Graduate Thesis project, “The Great Feckin’ Tree”. Charity was the Producer on this project and was highly involved in many facets of the film. As the Producer, she was involved in many of the creative, business and delegation decisions throughout this project. She met every hurdle thrown her way with admirable dedication to making this project the best it could be.

- William W. Benton,  Course Director

Film Production M.F.A.

Full Sail University

With Charity’s creative and logistical savvy, she is poised to take the industry by storm and flex her creativity, development, and production skills. I do not doubt that Charity will be an asset to any program, and she earns my high regard and high recommendation. I have seen firsthand her dedication and willingness to improve her craft, her substantive contributions to class discussion, and her ability to help others.

- Allen Gorney,  Course Director

Film Production M.F.A.

Full Sail University

I am a subject-matter-expert with the SIEMENS POWER GENERATION group. In that capacity I have provided training for field service engineers in a 40 hour classroom lecture format. Two years ago I was asked to convert my 40 hour lecture into a video format. Thus I was introduced to Charity. Beyond her technical competency she was able to coach me to be an effective video presenter both verbal and visual. Further, she played the part of a student to provide an immediate critique of the material presented. That critique identified essential features requiring refinement to enhance understanding. Lastly, she branded the videos with a particular visual style to create an appealing and memorable impression. The video segments are wildly popular with field service personal both as an introduction to the material and as a refresher. Without Charity’s vision we would have no product. I am personally grateful for her efforts.

- Stuart Weddle

Siemens Energy, Inc.

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